2018 Ford Focus RS Automatic

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2018 Ford Focus RS Automatic

2018 Ford Focus RS Automatic welcome to our web fordtrend.com here we provide various information about the latest ford cars such as: Review, Redesign, Specification, Rumor, Concept, Interior, Exterior, Price, Release Date and Pictures. We hope that the information we provide can help you and make our website become one of your sources in finding the latest car information. Happy  nice day! The Ford Focus RS is at the top of the hot high performance tree of the hatch, as it offers all the qualities that shoppers in this market want. For once, the term mega Hatch is fully justified when applied to the RS Ford. The fastest Ford Focus is great for driving and comes at a bargain price-which puts it among some of the exciting and affordable cars on the road today, of any kind. It is agile and sporty in all the right places and offers a massive acceleration, while the Turbo engine offers a conveniently sporting soundtrack, too.

It wouldn’t be a hot hatch without being at least a little down to earth, and the RS approach is also well equipped and solidly built-so you can use it every day. The stiff trip and the small boot will stick points for some buyers, but in all other respects the RS is one of the performance car bargains of the decade. There is no doubt that the Ford Focus RS is one of the best hot hatchbacks for sale in 2018. While the is a rival for cars like the Volkswagen Golf R and Mercedes-AMG A45, and thanks to the 345bhp (350Hp), 2.0 liters of Turbo engine used under the hood, it has the firepower to take on these opponents.

But there are more in the specs of Focus RS than just a powerful engine. It is coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox, which is in turn connected to a four-wheel drive system trick with intelligent electronics that include a YouTube-friendly drift mode that takes electronic control of slides Lairy. Although there are rumors of a RS500 approach in the pipeline, right now there is only one version of the new RS focus available. However, there is the option to upgrade the car with a Mountune tuning kit. It costs about £900, and it increases 30bhp energy. In the UK, the standard 3-year car warranty remains intact as the Mountune kit is a factory-approved upgrade. What’s more, if you own a previous RS approach on a 16-plate, for example, you can get the kit equipped with a aftermarket upgrade.

Like many rivals, the focus RS is presented as a five-door hatchback, mainly because the basic MK3 approach is only offered as a five-door. However, the stiffer suspension helps give the RS a tense ride that is on the firm side, although many drivers will be happy to sacrifice some comfort for the sharp drive the Focus RS delivers.

2018 Ford Focus RS Performance

The current focus RS is the MK3, and it follows in the steps of the MK1 in 2002 and the MK2 in 2009. Those two models offered front wheel drive and a limited slip diff to get the power to the road, but for the MK3, Ford decided 4WD was the way to go. As a result, it has a time of 0-60 of 4.7 seconds, about 1.2 seconds faster than the MK2 RS.

In a way, the Focus RS is a successor to the Superconferences 4WD Rally-derivatives such as the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza, and its Turbo engine and 4WD layout listens to Ford WRC feats. There are still a lot of opponents for the Focus RS, although most are hatchbacks. The Mercedes-AMG at 45 and Audi RS3 Sportback offer a similar pace for more money, while both are available as four-door saloons (the version of a 45 badged the CLA 45). The Volkswagen Golf R is a subindicated option that is still phenomenally fast.

If you want something different, the BMW M140i has rear-wheel drive, while the BMW M2 Coupé is an alternative of two doors with muscular looks, and the M240i is the M140i Coupe variant. In other parts, the Subaru WRX STI offers a TURBO 4wd design in a lounge body, while the latest generation of hot front-wheel drive hatchbacks can offer emotions that approach the RS for less money. If you are looking at this, then Honda Civic Type R, Seat Leon Cupra and VW Golf GTI is all worth checking out.

Fast Ford models have always had the reputation of delivering exciting driving dynamics, but RS’s engineers have taken all the stops with this approach. As a result, it is the first high performance Ford to offer four-wheel drive from legendary escort RS Cosworth. However, unlike the agricultural system quite adjusted to its predecessor, the focus transmission is packed with a cutting edge kit.

At the heart of the configuration is what the company terms of its rear drive unit, which can send up to 70 percent of the torque of the engine on the rear axle, then up to 100 percent of this power to an individual rear wheel. Indeed, Ford has designed in a torque vector facility that aims to combine the stability and traction of a total traction car with the adjustability and agility of a traditional rear-wheel machine.

2018 Ford Focus RS Engine

The RS approach is a stand-alone model, so there is only one engine option-but it is a cork. Based on the 2.3-Litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine already seen in the newly introduced Ford Mustang, it offers a number of settings pushing power and torque up to 345bhp and 440Nm respectively. Technical highlights include a separate oil cooler, larger turbocharger, a high capacity radiator and a large bore exhaust. Fans of the old Ford Fast will also be encouraged to discover that British Tuning specialists Cosworth produce the only aluminum cylinder head.

As expected, the performance is impressive, with the RS demolishing the benchmark 0-62 Sprint in a claimed 4.7 seconds. However, when we tried the car we recorded a time of 0-60 of 5.0 seconds. This figure is achieved in conjunction with the standard release control, which automatically keeps the revolution engine at the perfect point for a faster getaway. This system is effective but brutal, and it is likely that frequent use will put a lot of tension on the clutch and transmission.

2018 Ford Focus RS Automatic

However, on the way is the middle range muscle of the car that really impresses. Once the revolutions rise beyond 2, rpm the focus simply flies. There is virtually no Turbo lag and the engine responds sharply to the throttle. Slick’s six-speed manual also allows you to do most of the considerable performance. The 2.3-litre unit also sounds good. A valve on the twin output escapes opens at the highest revs, boosting the gas flow rate and adding a hard sharpened growl to the soundtrack. Lift up the throttle and you treated a barrage of POPs, crunches and explosions in the overflow. It’s not as charismatic as the Audi RS3 ‘s five-cylinder unit, but it’s not too far.

You want more power? You can now send your RS OFF to Ford Specialist Mountune, which will increase power to 370bhp by around £900. Upgrades include a new free-flowing air filter and a customized ECU map as well as a new recirculating valve. In addition, it is a modification approved by Ford, so you will not lose the warranty. Together with the four-cylinder Turbo unit of 2.3 litres developed by Cosworth 370bhp, the Mountune has 510Nm over, which really starts to hit in just over 2, RPM. There is a soft edge to the throttle response as the turbo rises to speed, but once it is increasing, the performance is wild. The difference is difficult to notice in any area, as the improvements have been so well calibrated, but the performance figures of gears we record show that it is a match for the Mercedes-AMG to 45, accelerating between 50-70 in sixth in 5.3 seconds.

2018 Ford Focus RS Price

Compared to the 2018 Ford Focus RS with similar options added, the price would be around $41,770. So technically, it’s not a substantial increase due to the added content, but it gives shoppers less options.