2018 Ford Raptor Specs

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2018 Ford Raptor Specs

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The first F-150 of the Ford Predator hit as a meteorite when he debuted in 2010-Suddenly, spectacular and surprising. It was the first real high-performance pickup with a warranty factory, a proud totem. Developed by the special road commanders of Ford, it somehow survived both the lower 1000 desert and the worst economic faceplant in recent history to become a certified critical and commercial success, even if many Predators never earn a tire. We anticipate that now the new, light platform F-150 will lie at the core of the Eksurban Ford runner.

Although many details are still protected, the second generation of the truck will be launched in the fall of 2016 as the 2017 model according to the new poster. So it’s just called “F-150 predator” now. It is also more carefully designed as a special vehicle; Ford gave him a dedicated body and povertrain to go with a special body.

The new steel frame of the lizard is reinforced from the normal F-150’s and will have two dimensions: sportier 133-inch-wheel Superkab and more than 145-inch. Despite the Bifier framework, Ford asserts that aluminum hulls of a new truck (as well as a composite hood and front wing) help to cut 500 pounds from the weight of his predecessor at the intersection. Given that the last predator of Superkab, which we tested, weighed 6100 pounds, we are resolutely advocating diet.

2018 Ford Raptor Specs

Ford says that the reduced Ekobust engine delivers a 23% improvement in the fuel economy to a 6.2-litre hippo, an outbound truck, with an EPA-15 6 city, 18 6 highway, 16 combined. Compared to the last predator, Ford is clipped to 500 pounds. From the truck.

Things change for the predator-and for the best. Completely new for 2016, the predator moves to the new F-150 design, which includes aluminum body, beef of a sturdy steel frame, modernized interior, and yes, even ekobust Ford technology. This is true, the predator displays 6.2 litres V-8 for a higher output version of 3.5-litre Ekobust V-6.

While some may be concerned that the predator has lost its mojo, Ford says that the new high-stake ekobust displays more than the old 411-horse, 434-pound-foot V-8. The engine is then given a 10-speed automatic transmission and is controlled by a new terrain management system and a new transfer option.

2018 Ford Raptor Design

The combination with the Predator’s engine will be the first application of a 10-speed Ford automatic transfer and a new four wheel drive transfer option that will work with the terrain system to set up the truck in different conditions ( Mud, snow, rocks, etc.). Using the steering wheel buttons and the menu in the cluster, the system will adapt the characteristics of the engine, the transport system, stability control, and much more to help the soldiers on weekends get the most from their predators without opening On the hillsides.

However, this does not mean that there is no road without proper suspension. The new components are reliable and broader than before, with monstrous aluminium controls in front, specially tuned coils (front, back), and 3.0-inch Fox in racing races instead of The old 2, 5 C. Ford is set in detail, saying only that the suspension trip is greater than the previous truck, 11.2 inches in front and 12.1 in the back, which is enough for 90-mile explosions in the desert.

Part of the appeal made in the past by the predator is that it had relatively good roads, given its main mission and the giant tires. While the new truck will have the same shoes as before, the new 17-inch wheels with 35-inch Bfgudrich, t/d, taking into account the refinements we had already experienced in driving the new F-150, we have no reason to doubt it.

2018 Ford Raptor Engine

Move, Kid Rock: F-150 Predator is a new American bully, as well as a 2017 10 best winner. A 3.5-litres with a double turbine of V-6 make 450 HP and 510 pounds-foot; He’s a 10-speed car. According to the 18 6 highway, this is more efficient than the previous models if it matters to the buyers. More importantly, it will reach 60 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds. A standard storage drive that has differences in the lock center can be automatically transferred to the rear wheels depending on the mode of the drive. Superkab models and crew members are offered.

2018 Ford Raptor Specs

There is no longer a big, an iron block V-8 under the hood, so he should keep a little weight right here. Yes, people. 2017 The Predator is ekobust only and the first recipient of the second generation 3.5-litre V-6 with two Turbonadduvami and a direct injection of fuel. Ford says that the high-speed ekobust engines that she develops for sports cars have influenced some of the improvements in the V-6’s, including the new aluminum block and fuel system upgrades, cylinder heads, and Internal. To further improve air flow, exhales the high-output engine through a genuine dual-release system with two sockets on the rear bumper.

We’re going to miss the roar of the old 6.2-liter V-8, but Ford promises that the new turbo-A-six predator will be more efficient and, I think, Trump-V is 8 411 horsepower and 434 pounds of torque. We don’t know how much it costs yet, but calculate the torque load and at least 450 ponies.

2018 Ford Raptor Prices

  • This car  start from: $54 065
  • 4 Doors, 5 passengers, 4 wheel drive; 15/18 6 City/-(EST)
  • 3.5-litre engine with turbocharged V-6; 450 HP, 510 lb foot; 10-speed automatic transmission