2023 Ford Super Duty: All-New Ford F250 Heavy-Duty Trucks Review

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2023 Ford Super Duty: Ford is introducing the new F-series Super Duty, the next generation of its heavy-duty pickup trucks. The new Super Duty gets completely new exterior and interior designs, new technology, and new powertrain options to help it stay strong in the highly competitive truck market.

According to Ford, the 2023 Super Duty is now poised to deliver the highest engine output, as well as the highest towing and payload ratings, of any vehicle in the big muscle HD pickup segment. Depending on how it’s equipped, Super Duty is capable of hauling up to 8,000 pounds of payload or towing up to 40,000 pounds worth of trailers.

Complementing these efforts is a suite of new technologies that make driving and towing safer and more comfortable, including blind spot monitoring systems for five-wheel trailers and goosenecks. Super Duty is also flexing its innovation muscle with the industry’s first “tailgate down” backup camera and 5G Wi-Fi hotspot.

For 2023 Ford’s heavy-duty truck is completely redesigned and debuts with a refreshed interior, a suite of available technologies, and two new engines.

Think of Super Duty as an F-150 that decides to hit the gym, big time. Ford hasn’t offered a tow number for the new Super Duty, but the final truck can tow up to 22,800 pounds and offers a payload capacity of up to 4,260 pounds. Ford says it’s targeting best-in-class towing with the new Super Duty, so expect more capability.

  • Ford’s new Super Duty is full of technology
  • Pro Power Onboard, new camera system, and new connectivity
  • Two new motors, one gas, and one diesel help form the four-engine lineup
  • Starting the fourth generation of Super Duty for 2023

2023 Ford Super Duty Review

2023 Super Duty Review: Ford’s heavy-duty workhorse has been redesigned for 2023. Super Duty trucks enter a new generation, with a fresh new look and packing lots of powertrains, technology, and driver-assist improvements.

2023 Ford Super Duty

This promise is to make the F-250 better to drive and more ready to get the job done than previous versions. While the towing and hauling numbers are still unknown, Ford says it’s managed to make it higher than before.

The new Ford heavy-duty pickup truck goes from tires to the 2023 model year and gets a revitalized engine in addition to its new look. Under the hood, the 7.3-liter V-8 gets revised air intakes and refined tuning, and there’s an all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine.

On the outside, the new Super Duty adopts the design language already familiar from the Ford F-150 and smaller Maverick pickup trucks, which include the brand’s signature “C-clamp” lighting. We’re happy to report that the Super Duty sports functional side vents instead of trendy fakes.

Inside the cabin, you will find a redesigned dashboard along with a new digital instrument cluster and a 12.0-inch infotainment screen. Additionally, the four-wheel drive comes standard on the XLT and Lariat models, not just on the King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. Rear-wheel drive is still standard on the base XL.

  • Many new technology features
  • Very large cabin and bed capacity
  • Must be more capable than before

2023 Ford Super Duty Redesign

2023 Ford Super Duty with New Stronger Engine Options. Enhanced diesel powertrains, new trailer assist features, and lots of added technology accompany the fresh interior and exterior styling of Ford’s big pickup.

  • Revealed tonight, the 2023 Ford Super Duty pickup truck has been redesigned and benefits from the updated exterior and interior styling.
  • Super Tasks now offers technology like an onboard generator, a new trailering assist, a heads-up display, and access to 5G wireless networks.
  • Ford’s heavy-duty lineup also adds new and improved powertrains, including a new standard-fuel 6.8-liter V-8 and an enhanced Power Stroke diesel.

The 2023 Ford Super Duty has been redesigned with fresh styling elements, an updated powertrain, and new technology. While the F-250, F-350, and F-450 were still workhorses, Ford refined them with features aimed at taking the truck to a higher level of capability and functionality. They will compete, as usual, with the Chevrolet Silverado HD and Ram HD models which are also being updated this year.

New Mug, Better Interior

The 2023 Super Duty lineup launched with seven different grille designs, which varied between available trim levels and appearance packages. The most notable visual update is the C-shaped truck lighting elements. All models can now be equipped with LED headlamps as well. The addition of long side vents is said to improve the aerodynamics of the truck. Super Duty trucks can also be dressed up in new design packages that offer unique trim, rim, and paint combinations.

The new XL Off-Road package specifically includes 33-inch all-terrain tires, skid plates, electronic locking rear diff, and more, and is only available on the F-250 and F-350 four-wheel drive, single rear wheel.

Inside, the Super Duty truck receives an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is standard starting with the XL models. Higher trim levels are equipped with a 12.0-inch unit. Audiophiles can choose from an eight-speaker 640-watt B&O sound system or a more powerful 1080-watt B&O 18-speaker setup.

Other desirable interior features available include a configurable 12.0-inch digital gauge cluster, a wireless charging pad, and a slot in the center console designed to hold a desk in an upright position.

Those looking to relax will appreciate the optional Max Recline Seats from Super Duty which fold almost flat and have lower cushions that can be raised to create a more comfortable position.

Updated Powertrain Options

For the 2023 Ford F-250, the standard engine on the Super Duty is the new gas-powered 6.8-liter V-8. It pairs with a 10-speed automatic transmission like all the other machines available. Also like all other engines, Ford didn’t say how much horsepower or torque they make, but we expect them to meet or beat past outputs.

That includes the gas-fired 7.3-liter V-8, which received revised tuning and an improved air intake. The Power Stroke 6.7-liter V-8 diesel engine remains a staple of the Super Duty lineup, and there’s a new high-output version with updated tuning, a unique turbocharger, and a revised exhaust manifold.

Ford estimates the upgrade will make it the most powerful diesel truck in its class. Also new for 2023, all models starting with the XLT come standard with all-wheel drive.

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Tech Giant

Perhaps the most notable update to the 2023 Super Duty truck is its slew of new tech-focused features. This is the first time they are available with a 5G wireless connection that helps infotainment systems run faster, receive over-the-air updates, and allow up to 10 devices to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Additionally, Ford provides its most powerful trucks with a 2.0 kW onboard generator (aka ProPower Onboard). Super Duty may also be equipped with a head-up display for the first time, and there’s also a new driver-assist feature.

This list includes adaptive cruise control with a stop-and-go function and lane-centering assist. The addition of front and rear emergency braking helps prevent the giant pickup from colliding with objects at low speeds.

In terms of towing, the Ford Super Duty is not only prepared to tow heavy loads but is now equipped with high-tech aids that make the job easier. The introduction of onboard scales provides the user with an estimate of the cargo weight to ensure they do not exceed the truckload.

This feature also helps guide people on how to distribute the weight of the trailer tongue evenly. Along with blind-spot monitors for five-wheel towing and goosenecks, Super Duty is now available with a 360-degree camera system designed specifically for trailers.

Another cool new feature is navigation that shows the route that best accommodates the trailer’s specific dimensions and weight to help drivers avoid headaches. Anyone who has backed down with the back door down has no doubt bemoaned the fact that the traditional backup camera has become useless.

Ford solved it by adding a camera above the back door. This, along with integrated parking sensors, is meant to make back-door reversing easier than ever.

New Ford Super Duty

  • Aggressive exterior styling with seven different grille options
  • Bed access ladders on the rear bumper and bedside
  • STX, Sport, and Black appearance packages
  • Standard 6.8 liter V-8 and optional 6.8-liter turbocharged diesel V-8
  • Four-wheel drive is standard on 2023 XLT models and up
  • The 2023 Tremor model now features Trail Turn Assist to reduce sharp turns
  • 12.0-inch adjustable digital instrument cluster
  • A standard 8.0-inch center display on the XL model and a 12.0-inch display on higher trims
  • Four USB ports
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Revised center console with more storage
  • Max-Recline front seats
  • Flat back floor
  • Bang & Olufsen sound system with eight or 12 speakers
  • Trailer Navigation, Onboard Scale with Smart Hitch, Ford Co-Pilot 360 Degree Trailer Camera
  • The system, and Blind Spot Information System for five-wheel towing and gooseneck driver assistance features
  • Ford Pro with Upfit Integration System that simplifies the addition and use of accessories and equipment such as lights or snowplows
  • Embedded AT&T 5G capabilities
  • Pro Power Onboard 2.0 kilowatt auxiliary power system

2023 Ford Super Duty Specs

  • Towing capacity: 12,300 to 15,000 lbs
  • Payload: 2,462 to 4,323 lbs
  • Horsepower: 405 to 500 hp
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 10,000 lbs
  • Dimensions: 232-266″W x 80″W x 78-82″H
  • Engine: 6.7 L V8 diesel, 6.8 L V8, 7.3 L V8

2023 Ford Super Duty Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The F-250 is sold with Regular Cab as standard, which seats three passengers. The available SuperCab and Crew Cab feature rear doors and the second row of seats that provide space for three other passengers.

The new interior design is an improvement over the 2022 model, but those in the market for the base XL trim should stick with a fairly plain cabin. More comfort and luxury features become available as you go through various trims, and Ford has engineered the front seats that recline to a nearly flat position so drivers can rest well during overnight stops on long-haul trips.

Ford hasn’t released a full list of interior features and options for the 2023 Super Duty, but we’ll update this story with details as we learn more.

The base XL trim comes with an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, while the more expensive model gets a larger 12.0-inch display. A reconfigurable 12.0-inch digital instrument cluster is also available.

Ford has integrated a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot as well as fleet management software and onboard telematics to help businesses track the location of their trucks and help operators stay on top of maintenance.

All models are equipped with a Bang & Olufsen-tuned stereo system. A 640-watt, eight-speaker setup is standard; the 1080 watts, 18 speakers are optional.

Bed Size

Two-bed sizes are offered for the F-250. All Regular Cab models come with a longer bed, while SuperCab and Crew Cab models can be had with either bed. Access is facilitated via integrated box side steps, rear corner bumper steps, integrated handrails, and rear door steps closer to the ground.

In Cabin and Trailering Technology

New smart technology features aim to make the F-250 even better to use and use. An 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen is standard, while the high-end model gets a 12.0-inch unit; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included.

A head-up display and a 12.0-inch digital gauge display are also available. Four USB ports are included, and a wireless charger is optional. There is an audio system from Bang & Olufsen consisting of eight or 18 speakers.

Ford Pro telematics and fleet management software enables businesses to monitor vehicle usage, which is further enhanced by 5G wireless connectivity. The industry’s first tailgate-down camera and reverse proximity sensor make things easier when the bed is open.

There’s also a hitchhiking and semi-autonomous driving camera view to make connecting trailers easier, and a 360-degree camera system for when the trailer is attached as well. The built-in navigation system can plan routes based on trailer dimensions, avoiding altitude and clearance issues.

Additional new capabilities include available over-the-air and onboard scale updates.

Power Pro Onboard

After debuting with the 2021 Ford F-150, Pro Power Onboard heads to the new 2023 F-250. This system functions as a built-in generator and can supply up to 2.0 kilowatts of power.

Outlets are mounted in the body and cab, allowing a variety of equipment or accessories to be installed and powered by the truck.

2023 Ford Super Duty Trim

The 2023 F-250 will be offered in trim levels starting with the work-oriented XL low-frills which now has the optional off-road package and XLT. The Lariat trim makes it feel less basic, before the increasingly luxurious King Ranch, Limited and Platinum trims take the top spot.

The Tremor package returns as well, bringing off-road hardware like raised suspension, 35-inch tires, and a Dana front axle in addition to a dirt-ready ride mode.

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2023 Ford Super Duty Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The standard V-8 engine now offers 6.8 liters of displacement, up from 6.2, and is said to have improved low-end grunt.

While the larger gas-fired 7.3-liter engine saw some minor upgrades, our attention was drawn to the high-output 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel, which produces 500 horsepower and 1200 lb-ft of torque.

The Power Stroke engine also features a new turbocharger along with an upgraded exhaust manifold and unique tuning. All engine options are mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford hasn’t disclosed horsepower or torque figures for any of the Super Duty engines, but the company’s claim that the truck will have the most powerful engine in its class certainly holds true for the Power Stroke diesel.

Gasoline and Diesel Engines

The F-250 is offered with a choice of V-8 powertrain. Petrol engines include a 6.8-liter V-8 that develops 400 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque and a 7.3-liter option that develops 430 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque.

There is only one turbodiesel engine available: the 6.7 liter Power Stroke factory. However, it is offered in two aligned states. One variant produces 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque, while the other high-output version gets an upgraded turbocharger and produces 500 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque.

Regardless of the choice, a 10-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels as standard or optional 4WD.

2023 Ford Super Duty MPG

Real-World Fuel Economy and MPG Since the EPA doesn’t test vehicles as heavy as Super Duty and its big competitors, we rate them based on our own testing.

Now that Ford has overhauled the powertrain options for its heavy-duty pickup trucks, we’ll have to wait until we get a new one to evaluate real-world mpg on our 75 mph highway fuel-saving route. We expect the Super Duty’s optional Power Stroke diesel to be the most fuel-efficient engine in the range.

Crane Capacity and Payload

Ford says they built the 2023 Super Duty to be a class leader in towing and payload capacity. Super Duty offers a maximum payload capacity of 8,000 pounds and can tow up to 40,000 pounds. To manage all these capabilities, automakers have equipped trucks with a number of trailering assist features.

Among them is an onboard scale with Smart Hitch, which estimates cargo weight in real time and provides guidance on trailer tongue weight distribution. There’s also Trailer Navigation, which can optimize travel routes based on trailer dimensions and weight.

Driver Assistance and Safety Features

In general, Ford offers features to make driving 2023 F-250 safer and easier. Adaptive cruise control and lane assist stay helpful on the road and work with the trailer attached. Blind-spot monitoring is available, as well as a blind-spot sensor that can be attached to the trailer.

Front and rear proximity sensors are useful when parking, as are front and rear automatic emergency braking. Multiple safety features, such as trailer theft alerts and scheduled ignition hours, aid the new F-250’s job-ready appeal.

The 2023 Ford Super Duty features several new trailers and adaptive cruise control, but many features are still optional. For more information about Super Duty crash test results, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. Key safety features include:

  • Standard automatic emergency braking
  • Lane departure warnings are available with lane maintenance assistance
  • There is adaptive cruise control with lane-centering features

2023 Ford Super Duty Price

The 2023 Super Duty lineup follows the same trim level structure as the previous model. We tend to recommend the mid-level Lariat as it provides valuable comforts including LED lighting, electric front seats, a 360-degree camera package, and B&O audio system at a more modest price than the more expensive King Ranch and platinum trim.

  • XL $45,765
  • XLT $49,495
  • Lariat $61,935
  • King Ranch $77,770
  • Platinum $78,660
  • Limited $97,890
  • Regular Cab From $43,970
  • Super Cab From $46,305
  • Crew Cab From $47,760

2023 Ford Super Duty Release Date

Ford hasn’t released pricing for the 2023 Super Duty lineup. However, the company says it will release those figures closer to the time the truck enters production, which should be sometime early next year.

Main Competitors:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD
  • Ram 2500
  • GMC Sierra 2500HD

People also ask Ford Super Duty 2023

Q: Is Ford redesigning the F-250 for 2023?
A: The 2023 Ford Super Duty has been redesigned with fresh styling elements, an updated powertrain, and new technology. While the F-250, F-350, and F-450 were still workhorses, Ford refined them with features aimed at taking the truck to a higher level of capability and functionality.

Q: Is Ford changing the Super Duty in 2023?
A: The 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is proudly assembled at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake, Ohio. The all-new Ford F-Series Super Duty goes on sale in early 2023 with several feature and series trims available from spring 2023.

Q: When can the 2023 F-250 be ordered?
A: The 2023 Ford Super Duty Orders Bank Opens In November.

Q: How much will the 2023 F-250 cost?
A: We expect Super Duty 2023 to start in the region of $42,000, plus destination costs, for the base XL trim. Next, XLT should be around $6K more. The other trims are Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited.