Next-Gen 2025 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Review

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2025 Ford Ranger: The Ford Ranger has long been known as a capable and rugged midsize pickup truck, loved by truck enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. With the upcoming 2025 Ford Ranger, Ford aims to take the beloved Ranger to new heights by introducing a host of upgrades and innovations. From a refreshed exterior design to advanced technology and powerful engine options, the 2025 Ford Ranger promises an exhilarating driving experience.

The 2025 Ford Ranger is expected to build upon the success of its predecessors while offering even more refinement and capability. With a reputation for toughness and durability, the Ranger has been a popular choice for those who require a versatile vehicle that can handle both work and play. The 2025 model is set to continue this legacy by combining ruggedness with modern features, making it an ideal companion for any adventure.

In a world where adventure knows no boundaries, where rugged landscapes and untamed wilderness beckon, there emerges a powerful companion ready to conquer every challenge. Its name echoes a legacy of strength and durability, and its presence ignites a spark of excitement in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and hardworking individuals alike. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the extraordinary 2025 Ford Ranger.

The Ford Ranger has long been a symbol of toughness and capability, embodying the spirit of exploration and adventure. As we venture into a new era, the 2025 Ford Ranger is poised to take this legacy to unprecedented heights. With its remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology, refined design, and uncompromising performance, it promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the midsize pickup truck segment.

Prepare to be captivated from the moment you lay your eyes on the 2025 Ford Ranger. Its bold and muscular exterior commands attention, featuring a striking front grille that exudes confidence and a robust stance that signals its readiness for any terrain. With carefully crafted aerodynamic lines and a modern, sleek profile, the Ranger effortlessly blends style and functionality, proving that adventure and sophistication can coexist harmoniously.

2025 Ford Ranger Review

Ford is anticipated to unveil a completely revamped Ford Ranger for the 2024 model year, although the automaker has yet to officially confirm any details or release official images of the truck. As we eagerly await official information on the 2024 Ranger, there isn’t much information available about the 2025 model. However, here is what we can expect from the 2025 Ford Ranger.

2025 Ford Ranger

Similar to the 2024 Ranger, the 2025 model is likely to feature a design that is shared with the global Ranger available in other markets. The pickup truck is expected to showcase distinctive C-shaped daytime running lights, a robust front fascia seamlessly leading into a square grille, and an overall boxy design. It is possible that Ford will incorporate design elements reminiscent of the current F-150 and Maverick models. Enthusiasts can anticipate a high-performance Raptor variant of the truck, which is rumored to boast an imposing lift kit, widened fenders, and off-road-focused tires.

The interior design of the 2025 Ranger is anticipated to remain unchanged from the 2024 model. Compared to the current Ranger available for sale, the 2024 model already boasts a significantly more modern interior design. Therefore, we can expect the 2025 truck to continue with this contemporary styling. It is likely to feature a vertically oriented screen positioned at the center, accompanied by a few physical controls located at the bottom of the center column. To enhance the screen’s visual impact, vertically oriented air vents will also be incorporated, giving the interior a more elongated appearance. With the 2024 Ranger projected to grow in size compared to the current model, it is reasonable to assume that the 2025 model will benefit from increased interior space as well.

As of now, information regarding the next-generation Ranger’s specific interior features is limited. However, we do know that the global variant of the truck offers options for 10.1- and 12-inch touchscreens. These displays are equipped with Ford’s SYNC 4 infotainment system, which encompasses a range of features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation capabilities, and satellite radio. It is highly likely that these features will also be available in the 2025 Ranger, providing drivers and passengers with a comprehensive and advanced infotainment experience.

Recent reports suggest that Ford might introduce either an all-electric version of the Ranger or models with electric capabilities by 2025. While the regular Ranger is anticipated to retain its turbo-four engine, the 2025 model is rumored to come with hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. It is speculated that the truck could utilize a modified version of the powertrain found in the Explorer PHEV or engines from the Escape lineup. However, it is expected that the 2025 Ranger will offer several electrically powered engine choices.

Regarding safety features for the 2025 Ranger, it is uncertain what Ford has planned. It is possible that the automaker could provide an updated iteration of its Ford Co-Pilot360 suite, which comprises a range of safety features.

2025 Ford Ranger Specs

Although detailed information regarding the exact specifications of the 2025 Ford Ranger is currently unavailable, it is reasonable to expect notable performance characteristics. Historically, the Ranger lineup has provided a diverse selection of engines, encompassing potent turbocharged gasoline variants as well as efficient diesel powertrains.

Ford is likely to maintain this tradition by outfitting the 2025 Ranger with robust and fuel-saving engines that offer impressive towing capabilities and off-road performance. Moreover, advancements in suspension systems and drivetrain options are anticipated to enhance the truck’s handling, stability, and overall driving experience.

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2025 Ford Ranger Design

The 2025 Ford Ranger is set to undergo a significant redesign, encompassing both its exterior and interior. The exterior is expected to showcase a more assertive and dynamic design, drawing inspiration from Ford’s larger truck models. This will likely include a refreshed front grille, redesigned headlights, and a muscular body profile, lending the Ranger a commanding presence on the road.

The interior of the 2025 Ranger is also anticipated to receive updates, with an emphasis on enhanced materials, advanced infotainment systems, and improved comfort features. These improvements aim to provide a premium driving experience for occupants.

Although Ford has not yet released any images of the next-generation Ranger specifically for the American market, there are indications from the recently introduced Ranger model in Australia. The Australian version features a squared-off design more aligned with the F-Series trucks, incorporating a grille that combines elements of the signature LED running lights found on the F-150 and design elements from the Maverick model.

Considering the shift to electric powertrains in the Ranger lineup, the forthcoming Ranger Lightning is likely to feature a solid grille similar to the F-150 Lightning. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the inclusion of a light bar across the top of the grille, similar to the distinguishing feature of the F-150 Lightning. Furthermore, like its non-electric counterpart, the Ranger Lightning is expected to maintain a similar shape and dimensions.

Please note that this information is based on available reports and speculation, and official details from Ford regarding the 2025 Ranger are yet to be announced.

2025 Ford Ranger Lightning

Ford plans to expand its F-Series family of electric trucks by introducing an electric version of the Ranger pickup truck. The success of the Ford F-150 Lightning, an electric variant of the full-size F-150, has exceeded expectations, prompting Ford CEO Jim Farley to confirm the development of another electric truck. The popularity of high-volume vehicles like the F-150 Lightning is crucial to Ford’s goal of becoming a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) market, as scaling up production helps reduce costs.

Although specific details about the new electric addition to the F-Series lineup have not been revealed, Farley has ruled out the possibility of an electric F-250, F-350, or F-450 for the time being. He also stated that the upcoming electric truck will be distinct from the next-generation Lightning, suggesting that it will be smaller in size.

Trademark filings for “Maverick Lightning” and “Ranger Lightning” provide some insight into Ford’s plans. Introducing an electric version of the Ranger pickup seems like the logical next step for the company, as it would offer a fresh EV option in a segment that continues to gain popularity. The new electric pickup, along with the next-gen Lightning models, is scheduled to be manufactured at the Blue Oval City plant in Stanton, Tennessee, starting in 2025.

While there is speculation about the potential for a performance-oriented electric version of the F-150, such as an electric Raptor, it is likely to come after the smaller trucks. It would feature a dedicated EV platform, offering even more power than the current Lightning’s 580 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque.

There is also the possibility of an electric version of the Ford Maverick, a compact lifestyle pickup that currently offers a hybrid powertrain. However, this is expected to be further in the future, as the Maverick serves as an affordable entry-level vehicle and has less in common with the body-on-frame F-Series trucks. The Maverick shares its platform with the Ford Escape. While Ford has secured the trademark for “Maverick Lightning,” it does not necessarily indicate an imminent release.

2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid

Reports have been circulating for some time about the potential introduction of a plug-in hybrid Ford Ranger to the mid-size pickup’s lineup. Although an exact timeline has been uncertain, the next-generation Ranger has already debuted and been released in several countries, with plans for a North American launch in 2023 for the 2024 model year. According to Automotive News, it is now expected that the new Ford Ranger hybrid, likely a plug-in hybrid variant, will join the lineup in 2025.

The anticipation of a Ranger PHEV has been ongoing for years, so this news isn’t particularly surprising, but it does provide a clearer timeline for the launch of the electrified pickup. Additionally, it is possible that the Ranger Raptor may also receive an electrified powertrain option in the future, as previously reported by Ford Authority in April.

Apart from the hybrid model, there are also expectations of an all-electric version of the new Ranger. Furthermore, spy sightings of a long-bed Ranger SuperCrew prototype in the United States in June suggest that an extended wheelbase option may be in the works.

In the meantime, the next-generation Ranger has recently been introduced in six more countries, following its initial deliveries in the spring. Ford is also focused on increasing production of the Ranger Raptor to export it to 40 countries worldwide. Aside from Australia, parts of Asia, and South America, European customers now have the opportunity to place orders for the new Ranger Wildtrak and Limited trims, as order banks opened earlier this month.

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The interior of the 2025 Ford Ranger is anticipated to be both functional and refined. With a focus on ergonomics and comfort, Ford is likely to incorporate premium materials and advanced technologies to create a modern and inviting cabin. Expect features such as a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system, smartphone integration, advanced driver-assist systems, and ample storage space. The Ranger’s interior will be designed to cater to the needs of both driver and passengers, providing a comfortable and connected journey.


The exterior design of the 2025 Ford Ranger is expected to showcase a bold and rugged aesthetic. Ford will likely introduce a refreshed front fascia, featuring a prominent grille, sleek headlights, and aggressive lines that emphasize the Ranger’s muscular stance. Aerodynamic enhancements may also be incorporated to improve fuel efficiency and overall performance. The rear end is likely to feature redesigned taillights and a functional bed, offering practicality and versatility for hauling cargo.


The 2025 Ford Ranger is expected to offer a range of powerful and efficient engine options to suit different driving preferences and needs. While specific details are not yet available, we can anticipate the inclusion of turbocharged gasoline engines and possibly a diesel option. These engines are expected to deliver impressive horsepower and torque, allowing the Ranger to tackle various terrains and towing tasks with ease. Ford’s commitment to providing capable and efficient powertrains ensures that the 2025 Ranger will meet the demands of both work and play.

New Platform

The Ford F-150 Lightning may look just like a standard F-150, but under the skin is a custom chassis built on an all-new frame that was designed to carry the batteries within the frame. By the time the 2025 Ranger Lightning comes to market, there will be a new-generation Ranger already on sale (expected to arrive next year).

It remains to be seen if the new model will be built on a platform that can be utilized for multiple powertrains, including internal combustion engines, hybrid gas-electric variants and fully-electric Lightning. Given the expectation of the Ranger Lightning being produced in the new Blue Oval City facility that is dedicated to electric vehicle production, it’s likely that the new truck will ride on an all-new EV-specific platform.


The 2025 Ford Ranger is likely to offer a diverse selection of color choices, allowing buyers to personalize their trucks according to their preferences. While specific color options have not been disclosed, Ford typically offers a range of popular colors for their vehicles, including classic hues like Oxford White, Shadow Black, Magnetic Gray, and Race Red. Additionally, expect to see a variety of metallic and pearl finishes that add depth and sophistication to the Ranger’s exterior. Ford may also introduce new and exclusive colors to give buyers even more options for customizing their 2025 Ranger.

Price and Release Date

Since Ford hasn’t said anything official about the 2024 Ranger yet, we don’t have any information on when the 2025 Ranger will come out or how much it will cost. We could see the 2024 Ranger come out before the end of 2023, so that would put the 2025 Ranger’s estimated on-sale date in late 2024.

The 2025 Ford Ranger will compete against other midsize pickups like the Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Frontier, Honda Ridgeline, and GMC Canyon. A hybrid or plug-in hybrid Ranger would make it one of the few electrified pickups on sale.

Built-in Tennessee

Ford’s upcoming Ranger Lightning model will be manufactured at the brand’s newly established electric vehicle center in Stanton, Tennessee, known as BlueOval City. This state-of-the-art facility will encompass various operations, including EV assembly, battery production, and battery recycling.

Ford will collaborate with SK Innovation to operate two plants dedicated to battery manufacturing and recycling. The entire complex is designed to operate on 100% renewable energy and aims for zero waste in landfills. Notably, the establishment of BlueOval City is expected to generate around 11,000 new employment opportunities in the region.

During a speech marking the commencement of F-150 Lightning production, Ford President and CEO Jim Farley confirmed that preparations have already begun in Blue Oval City for the production of another distinct electric pickup truck. This truck he referred to is none other than the upcoming Ranger Lightning model.


The 2025 Ford Ranger is set to redefine the midsize pickup truck segment with its anticipated redesign, impressive specifications, enhanced interior and exterior features, powerful engine options, and a wide range of color choices. Ford’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that the 2025 Ranger will deliver on both capability and modernity.

Whether you’re a weekend adventurer, a hardworking individual, or someone seeking a versatile and dependable truck, the 2025 Ford Ranger promises to be a worthy companion. Stay tuned for official updates from Ford to learn more about this highly anticipated pickup truck and its anticipated release date.