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2018 Ford Focus UK

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2018 Ford Focus UK

2018 Ford Focus UK welcome to our web fordtrend.com here we provide various information about the latest ford cars such as: Review, Redesign, Specification, Rumor, Concept, Interior, Exterior, Price, Release Date and Pictures. We hope that the information we provide can help you and make our website become one of your sources in finding the latest car information. Happy  nice day! The next generation’s Ford Focus has been spied on testing again ahead of its early release 2018, though these latest espionage shots reveal a version of the test farm in the Nurburgring. Previously, the standard focus of the hatchback was seen by testing on public highways in the United States and Europe, with Ford stripping slowly back the mask in its next Vauxhall Astra Challenger. The last shots of the ‘ ring show a larger goods model with a revised front grille, hexagonal sports instead of straight bars seen in previous espionage shots. The lighthouses have also been revised, with a line dividing the lamps in half.

Two roof rods have been properly placed to the focus state mule. Larger wheels and lower profile tires also feature in the test car, hinting toward a possible St version below the pipe. It would also explain why a car on the estate would be overlapping the 12.8 miles ‘ Green Hell ‘. In the back we can see in broad daylight the new taillights that come along the path of the next approach, with a new horizontal look mimicking those who conform to the new party. This focus mule still wears a heavy disguise, but it is our best look still in the general proportions of the new car and the shape, with less masking applied to the sides of the car and back leg than before.

The new car will start an evolutionary design instead of introducing a completely new, similar vein to the new party. A simpler interior with a less crowded center console is planned, along with a prominent centrally mounted touch screen entertainment system sprouting from the dashboard. The third current generation of the focus has faced an increasingly tough competition during his life – not only the tastes of his former rival, the Astra, which has shed weight to rediscover a management of the sweetness that has lacked for years , but also the boom of ‘ lifestyle vehicles, like baby SUV’s and larger crossovers.

2018 Ford Focus UK Specifications

The approach of MK3 moved away from the ultra sharp manipulation of its predecessors, as it was, at least in part, a global model designed and directed as part of the ‘ A Ford ‘ program, attending to all needs. The new model – reviewed in our elite pictures – will be sold all around, as well, yet Ford is by all accounts organizing European tastes in its advancement. In a key movement that shows the importance being placed in the new generation, Darren Palmer has been put in charge of the project. The British is highly classified within Ford for its work in the recently revealed Mk7 party and the cheapest, Indian-built Ka + sitting just below it in the range.


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Under the skin, the focus is likely to retain the global C-car platform of the existing version. However, the Palmer team has been given a brief to make sure that the setup maintains the comfort of the suspension while rediscovering more of the driving agility that made the cars MK1 and MK2 so popular. Ford is likely to increase its wheelbase very slightly in a bid to improve the interior packaging, especially for the back seat occupants. As such, Palmer and his engineers will become elements such as the assisted steering configuration, the front suspension geometry and the tricks such as the stiffer rear bushes of suspension in an attempt to increase the handling of Verve. At the same time, expect greater use of high-strength steel in building the car, to help lose a few kilos.

Significantly, the focus range will be divided into the same ‘ differentiators ‘ as the new party line. The cheaper editions could be altogether-a reflection of the fact that the Fiesta range extends now to the higher price points than before. The remaining models will include the St-line Sport-Focus and the most luxurious Vignae, which also brings advantages on the side of the customer service. There will also be an active version of the car, giving Ford a competitor for the VW Golf Alltrack, and complimenting the EcoSport SUV baby and Kuga family SUV on the brand line. The active approach will have a slightly elevated walking height and an additional body liner, in the same way as the party.

The head of Ford Europe, Jim Farley, said to auto Express: “The party is going to be the first step, but I think we will continue to see these [active editions].” Unlike the Fiesta variant, the active approach could be offered with four-wheel drive – although it will be by default on the front wheel drive.

2018 Ford Focus Interior

Inside, we look forward to the same rationalization of the dashboard layout as we have seen in the new party, with fewer buttons and many features controlled through an eight-inch touch screen. This screen could well be offered as the minimum in all versions of the car, with some high-end editions getting an even bigger configuration. The property will share most of its style with the focus hatchback, but these vaccines suggest that it is going to be longer and higher than the output state, with a much longer rear overhang. These changes, hopefully, will bring a notable improvement in practicality – a weak area of the old car considering its size.

The taillights seem to be much thinner units than the current car is helping to improve the visual width of the car. The opening of the boot should be more square than the old car, so it is easier to load objects awkwardly. These spy shots do not show the inside, but hopefully it will be much easier to use than the current model with far fewer buttons. Style will be similar to the new party inside, but there will be more standard kit in all versions, but basic. Booting into the new focus property must be significantly higher than the current generation, but the elongated roof must also have benefits for the rear passenger’s free space.

A large entertainment screen will sit in the center of the dashboard and handle most of the entertainment, information and onboard navigation functions. The dials behind the steering wheel could be new digital units, rather than the traditional analogue indicators.

2018 Ford Focus Engine

The same engines will be available on the farm as well as in the hatchback, although the additional weight of the latter may slightly dent the fuel economy and performance. That said, it will lead as well as the hatchback is provided with precise steering, abundant grip on game surfaces and an agile change. A range of Turbo gasoline engines will suit those who cover miles from low to medium or want extra performance. A selection of diesels will also be offered for those who cover very high miles. Ford previously built a version of the farm’s sports Focus ST, so performance buffs will want to wait for this to break the deck a few months after the conventional model.

The engine line will be based on Ford’s 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine – the EcoBoost. Expect at least three different power outputs to be offered, starting at 99bhp and moving to 123bhp and 138bhp.

2018 Ford Focus UK, 2018 ford focus rs, 2018 ford focus st, 2018 ford focus electric, 2018 ford focus rs price, 2018 ford focus rs500, 2018 ford focus rs release date, 2018 ford focus redesign,

2018 Ford Focus UK

Depending on how successful engineers are with the focus diet, it is possible Ford could also offer an entry-level edition with the highest performance version of its new non-Turbo three-cylinder engine, producing 84bhp. The most prominent diesel alternatives will be a 1.5-liter with 84bhp or 118bhp, despite the fact that Ford is still liable to offer the auto with a superior TDCi of 2.0 liters.

The new approach is also sure to be one of the 13 electrified cars that Ford CEO and President Mark Fields has promised before the end of the decade. The global C-car platform was designed with hybrid and pure electrical uses in mind, and the progress in battery technology could mean that Ford offers both solutions, instead of the unique EV edition of the current car.

2018 Ford Focus UK Price

The Focus Estate will order a premium of about £1,000 on the hatchback, with projected input-level versions to cost around £20,000.