Exclusive! Next-Gen 2025 Ford F150 Preview: What We Know So Far

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2025 Ford F150 This is very interesting to review because about 1 year ago a report we got from an online media Ford Authority(FA) indicated that the Ford F150 would receive a mid-cycle refresh in 2025 where it seems this is a bit far considering that Refreshments that are carried out usually get a refresher every 3 years or more.

We’re back in 2023. As the best model for 2024, the refurbished Ford F150 boasts a new front-end design and of course a revised interior of the kind of changes made this midway through the blue Oval cycle.

Of the several changes that we see in 2024, the Ford F150 car line up with changes to the new infotainment system supported by Google.

We as Ford F 150 enthusiasts expect significant changes to occur in the 2025 car so that this fine vehicle will be even better than previous years.

2025 Ford F150 Preview

Of course, it is exciting to discuss the 2025 Ford F150 where this time the Ford Raptor R seems to be showing some of its newest styling touches starting from the revised front grille.

2025 Ford F150

Then the all-gloss black wheels with Beadlock capabilities are also complemented by a sturdier rear suspension reinforced by these structural improvements including stronger rear arms.
Of course, we hope this good update also applies to other regular Ford types.

2025 Ford F150 Refresh

Seeing the existence of the Ford F 150 car which continues to increase from year to year makes this car the car of choice among its users. we are very enthusiastic that the updates made to the Ford F 150 continue to be carried out every year. This possibility will be the 14th generation of the Ford F150.

Meanwhile, a mid-cycle refresh of the Ford F150 took place. All-electric Ford F-150 lightning launch with over 120,000 reservations placed for the new pickup. It appears Ford will be doubling down on Lightning production plans at the new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

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But please note it is not very clear how many of those reservations are eventually converted to orders. Chances are it will take a while to present the Ford F 150 Lightning type in showrooms and of course at a discounted price that is suitable for this one car.

2025 Ford F150 Lighting

We will briefly discuss the redesign for the 2025 Ford F150 Lighting, even though it is relatively early, the Ford F150 lighting has been promised to be redesigned in 2023 as the newest model. even Reuters mentioned this info when discussing production plans for Ford Lighting.

2025 Ford F150

Then the 2025 Ford F150 Lighting is also packed with extraordinary facilities such as a very functional backup generator for this car. The Ford F150 Lighting is great when it comes to rear doors that do more than just open and close.

Ford has also excelled in truck competition in the electric automotive class, it has been very revolutionary, equipped with outlets that are ready to provide power that complements equipment where this car is really worth trying.

On the other hand, we see the possibility that the Ford F 150 Lighting will carry a different battery pack than before, of course, this will be the best battery in the 2025 generation Ford F-150 Lighting.

New Ford F150 Battery

The development of the battery on the Ford F 150 is of course carried out by GM. This Ultium battery pack will be implemented later in the new generation 2025 Ford F-150 Lighting.

The applied architecture is designed for an SUV that will be released in 2025 and it is a big plan for the font to bring a more efficient battery for the Ford F 150 lighting.

The aim of Electrification is to attract 40% of its global sales which are in the electric car category. Ford released the all-electric F150 lighting and Mach E Mustang, bringing a much more comfortable driving experience.

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Ford F150 Engine 2025

Another interesting thing is on the engine side if we look at the Ford F 150 Raptor R which is powered by a 5.2L supercharged Predator v8 engine. Of course, this engine would produce around 750 horsepower in an off-road-focused pickup.

This is enough power to beat the 702 horsepower currently available from the 6.2L Hemi V8 supercharger in RAM TRX cars.

2025 Ford F150 Price

When talking about price, in April 2002 Farley Jr. Provides information where Many indications for the next generation of 2025 electric trucks will be more affordable than the Ford F 150 Lightning with a price difference retention starting at 7000 dollars.

The base price of the F-150 Lightning is USD 46,974. So is Ford targeting an entry price of around $40,000 for its future electric truck breakthrough? This just might happen. But we wait for the official information later.

2025 Ford F150 Release Date

Schedule for 2025 The next generation Ford F150 is due in 2025.