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2025 Ford Lightning we love it when Ford is quite optimistic about the automaker having its electric car timeline by 2030. So far Ford is targeting 40% of its global sales to be all electric cars.

Ford has released the F-150 Lightning and Mach-E Mustang with EVs but will continue to make more models with the EV concept in the future.

Reuters also said that Ford’s European lineup, which includes the defunct America Focus, will be transitioned to all-electric by 2030.

So there is no denying that the company is switching to electric cars from gasoline-powered cars.

On the other hand, GM has developed their Ultium battery pack and will implement it and share it with Honda before they release their e: Architecture other automakers will go the same route to create a battery that fits whatever body style they wear and Ford is no exception.

Called the TE1 truck architecture and will streamline the process of building an EV and make it cheaper. Two universal battery platforms will be created. One is designed for light cars and the other is designed for trucks and SUVs.

But a manufacturing platform that can be used across multiple models will make each car easier to build and cheaper overall.

2025 Ford Lightning Review

The F-150 Lightning goes on sale in May 2022 but Ford more specifically its Ford Model e division is already busy developing a new electric truck for the US to launch in the 2025 model year. Here’s everything we know about the next-generation Ford 2025 electric truck.

2025 Ford Lightning

  • Smaller than the F-150 Lightning
  • Will be built at BlueOval Electric Vehicle Center in Stanton Tennessee from 2025
  • For USD 7,000 less than the F-150 Lightning
  • Indicated to provide EPA-est. the range is over 400 miles

At the F-150 Lightning Launch SOP event on April 26, 2022, Ford CEO James Farley Jr. hints that the next-generation Ford 2025 electric truck won’t be the next-generation Ford F-150 Lightning as previously rumored.

2025 Ford Lightning News

In the interview with Automotive News Farley Jr. said that Ford thought it would be a “very high volume” model. On 27 September 2021 Ford confirmed that production of the next generation F-Series electric pickup at BlueOval City will begin in 2025. The EV we are talking about in this story will likely be the first model.

BlueOval City will be a 3,600-hectare campus consisting of a vehicle assembly plant, a battery production plant, and a supply park. The same day Ford announced it (September 27, 2021) the Tennessee government revealed in a related announcement that the company would be building it at the Memphis Regional Megasite.

On September 23, 2022, Ford announced that it had made a breakthrough in BlueOval City and was on track to open what would be the largest and most advanced automobile production complex to date by 2025. Covering an area of nearly six square miles of new manufacturing facility this will create around 6,000 new jobs when the company starts operating there in 2025. This will bring Blue Oval the second most popular EV brand in its home market closer to its target of making two million EVs globally by the end of 2026.

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2025 Ford Lightning Report

The next-generation Ford 2025 electric truck should be far more efficient than the F-150 Lightning. Referring this model to Laycee Schmidtke of the Miss GoElectric YouTube channel at the F-150 Lightning SOP Farley Jr. said it will have a very radical design and feature active (deployable) aero technology. EV experts revealed this during the InsideEVs US podcast (watch on YouTube) on April 29, 2022.

Farley Jr. also said that there would be a 100-mile difference and it is safe to assume that he meant a positive difference. The F-150 Lightning delivers the EPA-est. range of up to 320 miles which means the next generation electric truck max. EPA-est. the range can be around 420 miles.

At the 38th Annual Strategic Decision Conference Bernstein Farley Jr. talk more about how Ford plans to make it’s second-generation EVs more efficient.

2025 Ford Lightning Redesign

So far the Ford F-150 Lightning has received more than 120,000 pre-orders and Ford has committed to doubling the production target of the F-150 Lightning for 2024. This success continues in the second generation for 2025 which is better than ever.

2025 Ford Lightning

The redesign mentioned by Reuters in the teaser image of the Ford F-150 Lightning has become a change in the 2025 Ford Lightning where this vehicle has been equipped with facilities such as a backup generator.

In addition, many new trucks come with multi-functional tailgates such as the Chevy Silverado, and electric trucks such as the Canoo which have an extendable tailgate.

In other words, the next big evolution expected in the F-150 Lightning will be a tailgate that can do more than just open and close.

So far Ford has been ahead of the competition with its revolutionary son from cover to cover there is an outlet ready to power where while no one knows what the redesigned F-150 Lightning will look like let alone there are many features that make this electric truck worthy of a second generation.

But one thing we do know is that the F-150 Lightning will use a different battery than the one it uses now which is impressive.

Ford Lightning Platforms

In an interview in December 2021, Farley Jr. told Automotive News that Ford will build vehicles that are not currently available on the new full-size truck platform at BlueOval City. Speaking to Bernstein Senior Analyst Toni Sacconaghi at Bernstein’s 38th Annual Strategic Decision Conference on June 1, 2022, Farley Jr. said that Ford was in the final engineering of its advanced electric architecture.

Where the F-150 Lightning uses a modified version of the gasoline chassis the F-150 Ford has two platforms that will be launched exclusively for electric vehicles. The smaller ‘GE2 platform’ coming in mid-2023 will support cars and crossovers (including the second-generation Mustang Mach-E) and the ‘TE1 platform’ for trucks will be the basis for the next generation Ford 2025 electric truck and possibly even the Ford Ranger. Electric.

Additionally the Ford Bronco EV (which the company almost confirmed as a green light project) and two- and three-row electric SUVs for families around the world such as the (Ford) Explorer (EV) and Lincoln Aviator (EV). )” will also be accommodated on this RWD/AWD BEV platform. Hau Thai-Tang Ford’s Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer confirmed in 2021.

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2025 Ford Lightning Powertrain

Farley and his team did not share details of adding the EV to the F-Series family but Farley ruled out the F-250 F-350 or electric F-450 for now and also said the truck is different from the next-generation Lightning. This means Ford will most likely be smaller.

Recent trademark filings for Maverick Lightning and Ranger Lightning could reveal Ford’s hand. The Ford Ranger Lightning is the most logical next step and will give the company a new EV in a segment that continues to gain popularity. Ford said the next-generation electric pickup will be built at its new Blue Oval City plant in Stanton Tennessee which will also make the next-generation Lightning starting in 2025.

We can’t rule out the performance of the F-150: The electric Raptor on a new EV platform dedicated to the next-generation Lightning which means more than the 580 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque already available today. Lightning. But it will probably be after the smaller trucks.

As the trademark filing and previous speculation suggest at some point there will also be an electric version of the car-based small Ford Maverick lifestyle pickup currently available with a hybrid powertrain. But we think it goes further given its role as an affordable entry-level vehicle for a brand that no longer has entry-level cars. The Maverick has the least amount in common with the full-size body-on-frame F-Series family; The car-based truck uses the same platform as the Ford Escape. While Ford is protecting the trademark now it’s not necessarily an indication that it’s imminent.

Ford IonBoost+ Battery

On April 27, 2021, Ford announced a new Ford Ion Park facility to R&D battery and battery cell technology and potentially even produce batteries in the future. This will be in addition to the 200,000-square-foot learning laboratory to develop test and build vehicle battery cells and cell arrays opening later this year located on the same site. Ford’s next-generation electric truck should pack a battery developed at the Ford Ion Park.

On July 27, 2021, Ford confirmed that they would build a Ford Ion Park in Romulus, a town in Wayne County, Michigan. USD 100 million will be used for this project which is more than half of the company’s USD 185 million investment commitment in developing tests and building battery cells and cell arrays.

Blue Oval plans to upgrade its existing 270,000 square feet. facilities to accommodate up to 200 engineers and provide space for pilot-scale equipment for cell and array electrode design and product innovation and engineering. It will open a “new collaborative learning lab” by the end of 2022.

Ford will develop an ‘IonBoost’ lithium-ion battery consisting of a unique pouch cell with a special chemical, said Farley Jr. at the Capital Markets Day 2021 event on May 26, 2021. These batteries will have Ford’s own battery control algorithm and are suitable for larger vehicles including trucks and SUVs. ‘IonBoost+’ will be the name of Ford’s latest generation battery technology Thai-Tang said at the same event.

The company believes that IonBoost+ provides the highest energy density of any cell type it adds. IonBoost has NMC chemistry for the cathode with Nickel accounting for 88% content. IonBoost and IonBoost+ are the same things but the latter is the official name.

For its commercial vehicles, Ford will develop an IonBoost Pro battery consisting of a cheaper lithium iron phosphate cell.

Midsize EV Truck

A new electric member of the Ford truck family is getting ready to go pretty and will likely join the electric Maverick as well. Demand for the Ford F-150 Lightning has exceeded the automaker’s wildest dreams with demand far exceeding supply. No wonder Ford CEO Jim Farley said there are plans for electric trucks again. When you strike gold it makes sense to mine the same note. High-volume vehicles are key to Ford’s aspirations to be a leader in EVs and scale will also help reduce costs.

2025 Ford Lightning

Ford is optimistic about electrification in the North American and European markets and is planning a massive xEV attack. The company plans to invest more than USD 30 billion in electrification. It expects 50% of global vehicle sales will come from pure electric models by 2030. Blue Oval will launch several EVs from the Ford and Lincoln brands this decade including the Bronco EV Explorer EV Ranger EV platform, MEB compact electric SUV-based, and Aviator EV.

In addition to the development of new electric and powertrain products, part of the USD 30 billion investment will be used for domestic battery production. In partnership with SK Innovation, the company plans to build BlueOvalSK Battery Park, a battery manufacturing complex consisting of two battery factories in central Kentucky. It will build a battery factory in BlueOval City in Tennessee also with South Korean battery specialists.

To accelerate electrification and simplify its business Ford has separated operations into three divisions: Ford Model e (passenger EV) Ford Blue (ICEV passenger and Ford Pro (CV). When dividing its business the company expects major changes from its dealers to smooth the transition to EV.

Ford is also cracking down on dealers who are notorious for profiting from its under-supply popular EVs. According to an Automotive News report published on September 14, 2022, the company will mandate its dealers to sell its EVs at non-negotiable prices. While this also means customers will no longer be able to bargain for discounts, dealers who don’t charge excessive markups would dwarf the lack of change in pricing strategies. This new practice will ensure transparency and fair pricing in the buying process.

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2025 Ford Lightning Price

Speaks to Schmidtke in April 2022 and then to Sacconaghi in June 2022 Farley Jr. gives plenty of indication that the next-generation Ford 2025 electric truck will be more affordable than the F-150 Lightning.

First Farley Jr. told Schmidtke that there would be a $7,000 difference between the price of the future electric truck and the F-150 Lightning. Then during a talk with Sacconaghi, he explained at length how Ford wanted the next generation of EVs to be cheaper suggesting that a $7,000 difference would mean lower prices for future models.

The base price of the F-150 Lightning is USD 46,974. So is Ford targeting an entry price of around $40,000 for its innovative future electric truck? Possible.

Ford is likely to introduce a new distribution model when it launches its next-generation 2025 electric truck. At the 38th Annual Strategic Decision Conference Bernstein Farley Jr. said that the company’s current distribution model costs $2,000/unit more than Tesla. It is possible that the company is seeking direct sales channels for its next-generation EVs and may also discontinue public advertising to save costs.

Our estimated price for the 2025 Ford Lightning is $35,000

2025 Ford Lightning Release Date

As well as a sales release schedule is expected to be present in 2025

People also ask 2025 Ford Lightning

Q: What is a Ford Lightning going to cost?
A: Starting prices for the 2023 F-150 Lightning will now range from about $47,000 to $97,000, up from about $40,000 to $92,000 for the 2022 model year.

Q: How many lightnings will f150 have in 2023?
A: With a total of 200,000 orders already for the F-150 Lightning, Ford aims to increase its annual production rate to 150,000 by 2023.

Q: How many Ford Lightnings will 2022 produce?
A: For 2022, 15,000 Lightning trucks will be produced in total. That should technically solve the supply issues facing Ford, which has reported receiving 120,000 orders to date for the all-electric pickup.

Q: How long will the 2022 Ford Lightning last?
A: With a smaller 98.0-kWh battery, Ford claims a driving range of 230 miles per charge; upgrading to a larger 131.0-kWh package increases the driving range to 320 miles. During its 75-mph highway range test, the Lightning Platinum managed to hit a range of 230 miles.