New Update 2025 Ford Focus: Everything We Know So Far

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2025 Ford Focus the information we got from motor1 says Ford Focus Production Will End In 2025. Blue Oval is interested in selling the Saarlouis factory where the compact model is built. On April 4 Ford assembled the final Mondeo at its Valencia plant after five generations and three decades of continuous production.

It didn’t take long until reports began to cast doubt on the Focus’s future with sister magazine Automotive News Europe Automobilwoche saying production would be severely reduced after August 29. Why? Well, you can blame your neighbors for buying all those crossovers to the detriment of traditional cars.

Turns out it’s much worse than rival Volkswagen Golf as the compact model will be discontinued altogether in 2025. This effectively means the facelifted Mk4 is the last of its kind as there are no plans for a potential revival.

The moniker used to be very popular in the EV era. For the record, Focus was offered as an electric hatchback during the Mk3 era.

In an interview, today with Ford Europe chief honcho journalist Stuart Rowley confirmed Focus’s planned demise. It looks like the future of the Saarlouis plant in Germany is uncertain as Blue Oval admits it hasn’t found a solution to keep the plant running after the car shutdown in about three years.

Remember Mondeo and Focus are also made in China for the local market. The fact that the mid-range model has recently transitioned to a new generation means it will be available for a long time in the People’s Republic. The smaller car suffers from bites and skids thus also showing that it is holding up.

Meanwhile, Global focus has been hit hard by supply shortages causing lead times to exceed 12 months. One of the main problems stemmed from war-torn Ukraine’s SYNC4 infotainment system causing massive delays.

Stuart Rowley acknowledged there would be “significant” layoffs at Saarlouis where Ford employs 4,600 people.

  • Ford Focus production will end in 2025
  • The hatchback was launched in 1998 as a replacement for the Escort and Laser
  • The successor will likely be fully electric

2025 Ford Focus Review

The final fourth-generation Focus car will roll out of the factory doors in Germany’s Saarlouis in 2025 Ford Europe boss Stuart Rowley told European media overnight with no “additional models” planned for the factory assembly line afterward.

2025 Ford Focus

Ford has yet to confirm whether the Focus will continue as an electric car though with declining sales of the small hatchback in Europe and overseas and the demise of the smaller Fiesta in the coming years it’s uncertain.

Ford sold about 101,000 Focus hatchbacks and wagons in Europe last year, less than half of the 224,000 it sold in 2019 and down from 319,000 in 2009. Sales peaked at around 543,000 in 2001 immediately after its 1998 launch.

Ford Australia has been slowly slashing back its local Focus lineup in recent years, wiping out its fourth-generation lineup from six to three models by 2020 and discontinuing the ST-Line and Active models late last year.

The only Ford Focus variant left in Australian showrooms is the ST hot hatch which will undergo a facelift in a few months (image top of story) but is unlikely to receive a major upgrade before the plug is pulled overseas in 2025.

In Australia, Focus’s share of the small non-luxury car segment has declined from 65 percent in 2014 to 24 percent in 2019 and 07 percent in 2021 in a segment that has significantly declined overall. during the same period.

The smaller Ford Fiesta city car will suffer the same fate in the years to come as its Cologne factory in Germany switches to electric cars although it only received a facelift a few months ago and is likely to stay on sale well into 2025.

With no new products planned for the plant and the death of the Focus by 2025 Ford’s German Saarlouis plant could close entirely although Ford Europe chief Stuart Rowley did not confirm the decision.

It was reported that the Saarlouis plant lost out to Ford’s Valencia plant in Spain as the preferred location for building vehicles on Ford’s new global electric car platform expected “late this decade”.

The factory in Valencia is currently building the mid-size Escape SUV for the European and Australian markets, an American version made in the US as well as the S-Max and Galaxy human drives which are not sold Down Under.

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2025 Ford Focus Hybrid Platform

It’s unclear whether the new electric platform will spawn a successor to this vehicle or whether Ford will rely on two new mid-size electric SUVs maturing in 2023 on Volkswagen’s MEB architecture as a replacement for today’s Escape.

The future of the petrol-powered Escape also hangs in the balance; while the current model will not be replaced until 2026 sales are declining in the US and Europe despite competing in the growing SUV segment.

Either way, Rowley told the media that a switch to electric car production in Valencia would result in “significant” layoffs as “EV production would require fewer people”.

Ford has indicated plans to offer all-electric or plug-in hybrid versions of its respective passenger cars and SUVs by mid-2026 before switching to electric power only in 2030.

In Australia, the brand’s local division plans to introduce at least five hybrid or electric cars by the end of 2024 confirmed to include the E-Transit and E-Transit Custom electric vans and the recently launched Escape plug-in hybrid.

Report: Ford Focus Will Be Discontinued

Ford has confirmed the Focus hatchback will be discontinued in 2025 or at least as we know it.

2025 Ford Focus

Speaking to media in Europe last night Ford Europe chairman Stuart Rowley announced that Blue Oval is seeking “alternative opportunities” for its Focus home plant in Saarlouis Germany with no plans to replace the long-running signage within the facility.

“We are looking at other alternative opportunities for vehicle production at Saarlouis including other manufacturers,” Rowley said as reported by Automotive News Europe.

“We don’t have in our planning cycle any additional models coming into Saarlouis.”

Ford Europe also confirmed the next generation of electric vehicles will be produced at the Valencia plant in Spain with the Saarlouis plant missing the opportunity to be electrified.

Last year Ford’s European design boss Murat Gueler didn’t rule out the Focus nameplate bringing to the EV.

If Focus disappears from global showrooms in 2025 it will be the end of 27 model years that revived Ford’s stake in the international hatchback market after replacing the aging Escort nameplate in the UK and the Mazda 323-based Laser in Australia in 1998.

Focus Europe sales hit a high in 2001 with just over 543,000 units shifting despite the Global Financial Crisis pushing annual sales below 300,000 for the first time in 2010 down from 269,000 at the start of the decade to 101,000 at the end of last year.

Since launching in Australia in 2002 Focus took 11 years to reach its peak local sales of 19,180 units in 2013 although the 2021 figure of just 735 units with a 07 percent market share in the under $40,000 small vehicle segment is significant. fall from grace.

Locally Ford has slashed its Focus lineup to its sole flagship ST variant after reducing the range to just three tiers in 2020 due to the aforementioned drop in sales for its entry-spec and mid-spec offerings over the years that recorded just 83 sales. away this year.

Although the facelifted Focus ST was slated to hit the local market earlier this year production issues have delayed its arrival with the Saarlouis factory pushing back production of the updated hot hatch until this month.

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2025 Ford Focus Release Date

The Ford Focus looks set to launch globally in 2025 amid slowing small car sales unless its name is saved at the last minute for a new electric car.

Production of the current Ford Focus small car is due to end in 2025 and there is no sign of a successor as the automaker moves towards an electric future.

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Q: Is Ford coming out with a new Focus?
A: Ford is expanding its family car appeal with the new and updated Focus. The 2022 Focus will go on sale in the summer and be available as a hatchback, estate, or hot hatch ST. The 2022 Ford Focus has launched with a new hybrid engine, improved touchscreen infotainment and higher standard equipment.

Q: Are 2015 Ford Focus good cars?
A: Is the 2015 Ford Focus a Good Used Car? Yes, the 2015 Focus is a decent used compact car. This Ford has a comfortable cabin and attractive performance, especially in the sporty ST trim with a powerful engine. However, it has a poor reliability rating and a cramped rear seat.

Q: Are Ford discontinuing the Focus?
A: Production of the Ford Focus will end in 2025 as Ford turns its attention to electric vehicles, the company said.

Q: Is Ford making a 2022 Focus?
A: From a bigger and better infotainment system to the new 7-Speed DCT for electrified models, the Ford Focus 2022 has a lot more to offer. The new Ford Focus for 2022 is quite interesting for Focus lovers. There are so many updates and new features on the 2022 model that it appears to have had a complete facelift.