2019 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign

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2019 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign

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The latest Ford Fiesta St Hot Hatch has emerged which matches the performance of the current range of the brand-topping ST200 model. The new St Hits from 62mph to 6.7 sec-0.2 sec goes faster than the Fiesta ST announces the Geneva Motor Show, which officially remains an important Halo model for the Fiesta St Ford today, especially in England, where his Fiesta Super Mini car continues to dominate sales. Car sales ranking in the eighth consecutive year.

The third-generation Fiesta St Ford’s new, 197bhp three-cylinder 1.5-liter EcoBoost petrol engine feature debut. It also introduces three drive modes that adjust the engine, steering and stability controls. There are more customization options.

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2019 Ford Fiesta ST Specs

Ford Fiesta St is a back-Road corner-working the Fiesta again, turning it into overtaking muncher and hustler. But this is not a uncompromising Hardcore. When needed, the Ford Fiesta St can still be a convenient town car or a stress-free long haul.

It starts with the engine, it is available for a while great Fords 182bhp 1.6 Turbo. Despite the Fiesta St, we are giving more sharper answers and a clear ‘ symposer ‘ time beans for a little roar.

The suspension is a normal Ford Fiesta lower than 15mm and both spring and anti-roll, especially the rear, which is reinforced under the quells. The steering wheel comes with higher gear, better moist than the trunk and all the big brakes, wheels and tires. Wrapping is a body kit for this purpose. Get in there and be handcuffed with a nice scoop.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Engine

Sitting together with the 1.0 liter EcoBoost used throughout the Ford Range, the 1.5 liter engine uses 214lb ft and Turbo, high pressure fuel injection and twin independent variable cam timing, which delivers all the “optimized performance and fuel efficiency”, Ford See. According to the car manufacturer, a new turbocharger features a turbine design that is optimized to increase faster and minimize latency. The engine also features cylinder deactivation technology, the first world for a three-cylinder engine, but increasingly larger engines are widely used in the Volkswagen group TSI petrol units. When you need full capacity power, such as cruising with little demand on the motion engine, it will help to increase fuel efficiency by turning down a cylinder.

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Matthias ton, the car’s chief program engineer said: “The new 1.5 EcoBoost engine is the new core, the heart of the vehicle. More sensitive than the current car, more agile. “Efficiency is a big part of this car. CO2 is down to 114g/km, and has the same performance. This is a very agile engine, there is a new way to ignite the big reaction, new calibration, fuel. The engine is more direct and vibrant. Added tons: “No more turbo lag. We don’t even talk about it. When you press a button [gas] and the car goes. Software calibration and processor speeds are much faster. This will be fun for the driver and a bigger grin than the old Fiesta St. “

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Interior

The launch of the new Fiesta St will be available in three-door and five-door bodystyles. In terms of design, the St-Line trim cuts a close look at the standard new Fiesta, but a slightly more aggressive front bumper and grill, a painted rear diffuser, and Exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels. A new paint color option, liquid blue, also appears.


2019 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign

In the new cabin, Ford promises more personalization than ever before. Interior styling packs will be available, offering alternate trim and finishes on the elements around the cockpit. In terms of technology, the new Sync 3 entertainment system appears along with screenshots of up to 8-inch size. In Tune with the car’s hot hatch image, the Recaro sports seats with chunky side caps make the front visible and cut straight bottom sports steering wheel.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign, 2019 ford fiesta st for sale, 2019 ford fiesta st200, 2019 ford fiesta st price, 2019 ford fiesta st interior, 2019 ford fiesta st msrp,

Normal Fiesta thing. OK to the front room, behind a super Mini, Mid Boot Space is not beaten by cars like this Skoda Fabia. Oh, and a decent little busy Dash, which makes doing simple things like changing the radio frequency a bit surprising. The St also takes the big seats, the aluminum pedals and the increasingly fast wheel.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Price