2024 Ford Edge: The Next-Gen Edge Midsize SUV Discontinued

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2024 Ford Edge is not bringing back its midsize SUV despite selling well. The electric vehicle segment is becoming a high-demand automotive sector right now, with several EVs debuting over the last few years, and more to come in the near future.

Ford has big electrification plans for the future. So far, the brand has released great EVs, like the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

Like most brands, Ford is giving up conventional gas-powered vehicles and taking more of the EV route.

And from a “save the planet” point of view, this is a fine transition to make. Many will remember that the brand discontinued the Ford Flex, which was produced at the Oakville plant, along with the Lincoln MKT.

2024 Ford Edge: Next-Gen Edge Midsize SUV

Around 2020, Ford announced that it would end production of the Edge at the Oakville Assembly Complex in Canada, and has signed an agreement to introduce EVs from 2025 onwards.

2024 Ford Edge

The new electrification plan led to the cancellation of the Ford Edge for the 2023 model year. Ever since the Ford Edge arrived on the scene, it’s been quite the eye-catcher.

Now the SUV has entered the second generation and is still selling well. We expect the third generation Ford Edge lineup to arrive in 2023, but that will never be seen.

Why did Ford refuse a reliable crossover? According to Ford Authority, the brand confirms that 2023 truly is the end of the era of Ford Edge production in North America.

While this hurts dedicated crossover fans, Ford has very good reasons for doing so.

You see, the Ford Edge was launched from the Oakville Assembly Complex in Canada, along with its luxury SUV sibling, the Lincoln Nautilus. These two vehicles have only been produced in factories since they were founded a few years ago.

About two years ago, Ford made plans with the Canadian union Unifor to introduce up to five new EVs starting in 2025.

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This signed agreement stated that the EVs would be available at the same Oakville plant. The SUV’s cancellation was likely driven by labor negotiations. It would be much more expensive to manufacture the Edge, Lincoln Nautilus, and multiple EVs in the same factory.

It would also go against his “electrification plan”. So, the Ford Edge will not be around for the 2023 model year as the Oakville plant where it is manufactured will be converted into an EV-only factory.

Unfortunately, this will also be the end of the line for the Lincoln Nautilus.

Ford will begin retooling the plant in 2024, in preparation for its upcoming EV production. The new electric vehicle will start rolling out in 2025 and will be sold for the same model year.

But that doesn’t mean Edge runs completely. Changan Ford Assembly Plant in Chongqing, China, continues to produce Chinese Edge. It is the only compact crossover manufacturer.

So, this is not the end of the Ford Edge line, but the end of its line in North America. It’s hard to say whether the Chinese Edge will go on sale in the United States once the original crossover hits its deadline.

2024 Ford Edge

2025 Ford EV Cars

Almost every automaker has already started electrifying their cars or is planning to do so within the next few years. And like all of them, Ford knows that the transition from conventional gas-powered vehicles will not happen instantly.

The transition will be slower and more systematic. That’s why Ford will spend all of 2024 preparing the Oakville Assembly Complex in Canada.

So far, Ford has not announced any details surrounding the upcoming EV. However, on five models, we think two or three of them will be compact crossovers.

Mainly because this is the hottest segment right now, and will be for years to come. The upcoming electrified SUV will likely be the successor to the Ford Edge.

Maybe also shape, luxury, and more. And we also suspect Ford will produce an EV spinoff from the Bronco. It will pay homage to Ford’s best off-road crossover.

A larger EV version of the navigator should suffice as well, but it’s hard to say at this point.

By the time the successor to the Ford Edge will roll off the production line, Ford’s newest EV, the F-150 Lightning, and Mach-E will be a few years old. The success of the upcoming EV will depend on the momentum set by this EV.

So, Ford is likely to spend a lot of time working on EV-related issues. These are issues like technology, driving distance, and potential battery issues. In time, customers will be more than willing to join Ford’s EV transition.