2022 Ford Ranger News: All New Information We Know So Far

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2021 Ford Ranger News We have seen fans in the United States rejoicing when there was news a few years ago that Ford Ranger pickups would return to the United States market. The enthusiasm was somewhat reduced when we learned that the Ranger we were going to get was actually a truck version that had been reworked overseas since 2011.

Ranger 2019 (pictured above) was now finally sold, and although it was old basic and stylish, it was a competitive truck that hasn’t been called yet.

But just a few weeks after the new Ranger has hit many dealers in the United States, we’ve got what could be our first appearance in the next generation of Ranger, which should debut in 2021 as a 2022 model.

Colleagues at Wheels Australia magazine posted two photos that looked like the latest models of trucks. The windows are dark and some of the surfaces are slightly tilted, making us believe that this is a clay-style mockup.

Now, this could be one of several styling proposals that 2022 Ford Ranger News hasn’t decided yet, but we don’t think that’s the case for several reasons: First, it’s close enough to the next Ranger debut so the design should be almost done now (if not yet), and second, the details on this truck look very well thought out and production is ready.

And the fact that the truck was seen in Melbourne also gave credence to the original; The T6 Ranger is currently designed and engineered by Ford Australia, so it makes sense that Australians at Ford have at least a few hands in the next-generation model.

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If these photos really show the last real thing, there will be nothing wrong with the next generation Ranger with Ford. At the front, the truck has two large chrome bars dividing the rectangular lattice, like what was found on the F-150 pickup and Super Duty.

The thin C-shaped headlamps enclose the two bars, and there is a square fog light on the bumper. The hood of this car is far more aggressive and clear than what’s in the Ranger at the moment, and also like what Super Duty has.

Chrome bumper has two large vertical elements that extend to the top, such as brush guard support.

The overall style of the side of the truck is as lumpy as the front, with a fender box flare reminiscent of a 1980s rally car instead of an excessive round fender like what Ranger has today.

The surface is generally much quieter than the Ranger ’19, with folds and non-horizontal lines kept to a minimum. A vertical hole in the fender looks like the one in the “Baby Bronco” crossover that leaked late last year.

In the back, the changes are more evolutionary. Tailgate has lost the “RANGER” script stamped, Ford’s oval has risen higher (as has the tailgate handle), and the rear lights are a bit blockier and more complex.

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On closer inspection, the rear bumper looks identical to the current Ranger – Ford could have used the bumper it uses for this model, or the production truck could have some leftover parts.

Unlike the current truck, the next Ranger will be completely new from the ground up. It will share the new platform with the long-awaited Bronco (shown in the teaser above), which will mature next year as a 2021 model and is rumored to be getting a new turbocharged V-6 engine and an optional seven-speed manual transmission.

(Ranger currently uses 2.3-liter inline-four turbocharged.) 2022 Ford Ranger News has also confirmed that the Bronco will get a hybrid variant, and with the F-150 getting electricity in the near future, we are sure the Ranger will too.

The new next-generation Ranger platform will also support the Volkswagen Amarok pickup, even though VW is unlikely to reach America. What might make its way to America, is the high-performance off-road Raptor version of the next-generation Ranger.

The US has denied the Ranger Raptor at this time, but the latest rumors indicate a replacement was offered in America.

With the next generation of Ranger still around two years away, it might take a while before we get concrete details on the truck, so keep on guarding that more information about Ranger and his Bronco siblings continues to leak.

Digest: in 2022 this is still in the form of information that has not been fixed, there may be some significant changes both in terms of interior, exterior, engine, etc. We will continue to update the latest information on this website.