2019 Ford Ranger Raptor US

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2019 Ford Ranger Raptor US

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor US welcome to our web fordtrend.com here we provide various information about the latest ford cars such as: Review, Redesign, Specification, Rumor, Concept, Interior, Exterior, Price, Release Date and Pictures. We hope that the information we provide can help you and make our website become one of your sources in finding the latest car information. Happy  nice day!  Ford Raptor debuted Ranger two months ago, only a short time after the embassy of the beginning of the year 2019 Ford Ranger.

As its name implies, Raptor Ranger gets formula Ford F-150. and cleaning it raptor in one package medium-sized enterprises. While an American version has not been announced, these ceos pistol shots gives us hope that Nice Chevy over there Colorado RO2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro will have some new and the achievement of the company.

Truck in these hoodrat photo looks exactly like machines which debuted in Thailand. This is even more drive right, which means that it is probably only a truck global instead of a modified version of the United States model. As F-150. Raptor, Raptor Ranger has a leading suspension, beyond Fender’s, and some rubber bumpers aggressive.

The global Ranger Raptor gets a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine. While we would love to see several engines-the Colorado ZR2 is available with a petrol V6 and diesel turbo online-four-the 2.3-liter EcoBoost online-four is likely to be the only engine option. Still, we could always expect the version 350-HP of the Ford Focus RS.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Specs

The second interesting thing to consider is the new graphics package, which extends from the back door to the tailgate. The Raptor logo, with some black, white and gray graphics are new, and could mean any of an optional package for markets such as Australia and Thailand, where the truck will be marketed heavily, or-fingers crossed-a pack of Specifications of America. For what it’s worth, this prototype is driving right, so it was likely imported from Australia.

The Photographer found diesel different sound coif, without doubt the same 2.0 liter turbodiesel Custodial requirements in terms of the global pattern, which produces 210 horsepower (157 kw) and a strong 369 kilos-meter (500 meters Newton) torque. If the Oval blue confirms Raptor Ranger for America, I hope the same engine hillside under individuality.

Until we get an official word from Ford, we’ll have to keep waiting. The standard Ranger is making its comeback for model year 2019, so we should see the production version hitting the street in just a few months. If confirmed, Raptor Ranger must make its U.S. debut sometime in 2019 for model year 2020. Time will tell if it is available with the same diesel engine in the global model, or an EcoBoost petrol unit.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Engine

The Ford Ranger Raptor has just emerged in Bangkok, Thailand, in the form of production, and while the truck you see here, in the Blue Ray, is only for the markets of Thailand and the Pacific, it is probable that the United States will have a crack in the rock of Ford of salt Or, the flogging of dunes four by four at a later date.

Months before Ford announced the U.S.-spec 2019 Ranger in January, we knew that Dearborn had run the Ford Performance division to build a baby Raptor. That’s exactly what the Raptor Ranger looks like, minus the amber-colored lights of the F-150 version on the satin-grey grille. The flare defenses, F-O-R-D in thick capital letters, bottom shields painted in silver, and a passing height that threatens to rip seams are the most obvious touches. Under the hood is a fully new 2.0 litre diesel twin-turbocharged on-line-four, which Ford will probably not try to certify back home.

It is more powerful than ranger 3.2 Liters turbo-diesel engines in accordance with five, with 211 horsepower and 369 LB ft of torque. We expect every American model of little Raptor of powered by Ford 2.7 Liters EcoBoost V-6 Poetry, with contributions from similar with 335 horsepower and 380 LB ft that the engine makes in October 2019. As F-150. Raptor, rowdiest ranger uses an automatic rifle 10-speed transmission, four-wheel drive, and 6 modes driving (including the appointment of lower than relaxs the traction control to rip through the desert).

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2019 Ford Ranger Raptor US

The F-150 raptor features the Fox Racing Shox internal Bypass buffers, and the Raptor Ranger follows the game. Ford has not specified the wheel path, but since the ability to run sweet hops is a Raptor seal, expect it to be generous. The linkage of one watt helps to control the lateral movement of the live rear axle, while the more high strength steel and the integrated tow bars are baked in the frame of the ranger.

Compared with Ranger Fx4 sold in Australia, which is more aggressive routes available in the truck, amount of the overall Raptor is 2.0 inches Ranger, while the ground clearance 1.8 inches, for a total healthy 11.1 cm. While F-150. Raptor feels like range as a garbage dump truck, Raptor Ranger must be easy to held in mid-painted battle. Ford railed the front and rear of this ranger with 5.9 inches, although the overall width will grow by only 0.7 inches. A degree angle 32 access and an output angle of 24 degree (3 degrees every on a management increments4 certainly test 33-inch BFGoodrich 285/70r-17 tires and skid plate. Stopping capacity improved by front and rear Brake Rotors that are with a diameter 9 cm 0.4 than the standard Ranger.