2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually

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2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually

2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually The torque is what everybody will speak about. The brand new Ford Super Task, when optioned with the revised 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel, takes down 925 lb-ft of torque. That’s within striking range of 4 numbers as well as closing in on 18-wheeler degrees of spin. That’s shocking. Yet the brand-new ‘Duty is a lot more compared to just an insanely torquey engine bolted to an old chassis. This is a extensive as well as complete overhaul of the previous vehicle.

Ford’s sturdy pickup line remained in determined demand of innovation. Yes, the old Super Responsibility has matured well, yet the basic bones of that vehicle day right back to 1999. Unusually, its age never ever injured sales– Ford doesn’t just dominate the durable section, it crushes it. Even now, at the end of its life expectancy, the Super Obligation vehicle line keeps a healthy lead over the competition.

“Our share now if we take both retail and also fleet has to do with 42 percent of the sturdy (over 8,500 GVW) market,” states Doug Scott, Ford Vehicle Group’s advertising and marketing manager. “And also we’re trending for over 800,000 complete F-Series sales this year.” To call the outgoing Super Task a success would certainly be a gross understatement.

Life for Ford’s competitors isn’t ready to obtain any easier. Under the hood, the updated turbo-diesel V8 attains its knockout torque strike with some subtle upgrades. The bump comes from a brand-new turbocharger and also downpipe with a lower-restriction exhaust, combined with brand-new fuel injectors (even more gas flow) as well as enhanced air movement. The raised torque required bigger drivetrain parts like a new transfer case on four-wheel-drive designs, bigger drive shafts with higher-capacity U-joints also axles with thicker axle shafts and also larger ring gears.

2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually Review

Base Super Task models get an upgraded 6.2-liter gas V8 with a strong 385 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. But no matter which engine is picked, they are both mated to six-speed automatics. It’s clear that GM and Ford have partnered and shared engineering on a variety of transmissions, as well as a sturdy truck transmission with more than 6 equipments is reportedly in advancement also.

The core of this all-new Super Obligation is the enormous structure. The brand-new architecture is fully boxed from front to rear as well as made from 95 percent high-strength steel. It’s a monstrous 24 times stiffer than the old structure and regarding 70-100 extra pounds larger, relying on the wheelbase. Peek underneath a new Super Responsibility as well as the structure absolutely appears like something implied for a much larger vehicle. The structure rails are 1.5 inches taller than before as well as the cross participants, which are currently closed-section units, are so husky they look like they could practically act as frame rails on a smaller sized vehicle.

One of the smartest developments right here is the tow hitch system, offered for 2.5- as well as 3-inch setups. These drawbacks are built right into the framework and also extend so far below the vehicle (and use so much high-strength steel) that weight-equalizing bars are no more called for to deal with the optimum tow capacity. When hitching up, that will save Super Duty proprietors a great deal of time and also effort.

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2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually Specs

Much like the Super Responsibility’s little sibling, the F-150, Ford is using an aluminum alloy for the taxi, bed and front clip. And for the first time, Ford is sharing the taxi structure with the F-150. The door styles are identical, as are most of the interior components. The only differences between F-150 as well as Super Task we discovered on the inside were the overhanging upfitter switches as well as the dual glove box. Sharing the taxicab indicates the brand-new Super Duty is roomier than the outbound design and also flights on a longer wheelbase. The Staff Taxi version, as an example, has to do with 4 inches longer than the old Super Duty taxicab. However sharing a taxicab design, Ford’s Scott claims, implies the cadence of updates will occur extra rapidly for both vehicles in the future– when brand-new tech is readily available, it could flow efficiently right into both gears.

Of course, the light weight aluminum bodywork is lighter than the outgoing steel taxicab, bed and also hood structure. Ford states the weight distinction has to do with 500 pounds. However because much of that weight was “reinvested” right into the larger framework in addition to even more robust drivetrain components as well as a larger 48-gallon gas container on Team Taxicab models, the new vehicles typically aren’t precisely featherweights. The base visual weight for a 2017 F-250 Supercab 4WD brief box, for example, is 6,372 pounds. That’s simply under 200 pounds. lighter compared to the old variation of the very same model.

That light weight aluminum bodywork is not only lighter yet slicker compared to before too. Ford claims the new Super Responsibility’s body is about 5 percent a lot more wind resistant, which should aid increase fuel economic situation. Though the Super Obligation’s bed is constructed of the very same aluminum alloy as the F-150, it’s built to manage harder tasks. The Super Responsibility’s bed crossmembers are 45-percent thicker than the F-150 and the gauge of the metal utilized in the whole bed has enhanced by 20 percent.

2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually Interior

Ford vehicle reactionaries will certainly more than happy to listen to there is no wonderful transformation in suspension style. Two-wheel drive vehicles will certainly continue to use an updated variation of Ford’s Twin I-Beam independent front suspension (which goes back more than HALF A CENTURY). As well as 4WD vehicles maintain Ford’s coil-spring, distance arm solid axle front suspension. And also both models use leaf springs on either side of the back axle. Though the suspension systems look the same to the casual onlooker, designers inform us there is no part that has actually been left untouched. In the back, the spring hangers have been lowered somewhat to create more roll understeer.

Ford engineers state this includes security in fully packed problems. Up front, those spans arms have actually been boosted to manage the brand-new 7,500 gross axle weight score of one of the most extreme versions of the truck. And designers reduced the track bar place to additional increase roll understeer. Completions of the beefier swaybars have actually been developed to approve new collared bushings, which enhances lateral security, important considering that one of the most capable designs of the Super Responsibility line could handle trailers that weigh up to 32,500 extra pounds making use of a gooseneck drawback.

The new Super Duty is available in the very same five trim degrees as previously, ranging from bare bones XL up to fancy Platinum versions. And also it’s loaded with great deals of optional technology to assist proprietors function harder with a whole lot much less effort. The towing efficiency display (within the vehicle’s information system in between the determines) allows the proprietor to amount to 10 trailers as well as check them for how long they have actually been in solution too track the trailer’s tire stress. The Ultimate Trailer Tow Video camera System ($710) is just one of the most intelligent options. It consists of 7 electronic cameras created to assist overview, attach, back and also tow almost any trailer.

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2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually Exterior

The unseen area warning system ($540) prolongs beyond the truck itself to the whole size of the trailer and also includes cross web traffic alert. Because the Super Task still uses hydraulic guiding (Ford says a fully electric system isn’t really stout enough for heavy duty usage), the Pro Trailer Back-up Help system that permits F-150 proprietors to back a trailer by steering with a little knob on the dash isn’t offered on the Super Obligation. Nevertheless, deluxe tech like flexible cruise ship control, lane keeping help and also full LED lights (including the bed) are all readily available on the brand-new vehicle.

The gasoline-fueled 6.2-liter V8 is a superb typical powerplant, however lay into the throttle of any Super Responsibility with that remarkable Power Stroke diesel, and the speedometer rotates around past the legal limitation far more swiftly compared to any type of diesel truck we have actually ever experienced. This maker is a beast. We sampled the powertrain in a routine cab F-250 4×4 and it felt extra like a muscle mass vehicle compared to a work maker that could manage virtually 3,000 extra pounds in its bed and also tow 10,000 extra pounds. It was quick. If that number expands after sampling this engine, Ford states around two-thirds of non-commercial buyers will decide for the $8,595 diesel powertrain– we would not be amazed.

2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually Engine

Yet regardless of which V8 is bolted between the structure rails, every Super Obligation is even more nimble, connected as well as refined than in the past. Certain, that weight loss has something to do with it. However the improvements to the suspension and also framework in addition to a brand-new steering system make a large difference. The steering proportion is currently quicker on longer-wheelbase versions as well as the feel is a lot more precise. The weighting is heavier but all the slop as well as play we keep in mind in the old truck has actually been eliminated.

Ford’s optional flexible steering system could control the guiding proportion to decrease the input needed at slow speeds and also minimize level of sensitivity at highways rates. It even ties into the tow/haul setting of the transmission to provide a guiding mode particularly for trailering security. The system is worth every bit of the $685 Ford asks for it. Regardless of which guiding system lags the Super Task, on a twisty road, these vehicles could be driven much more accurately than previously. When lugging a trailer– that’s a large benefit, as well as.

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2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually

The Super Task is much more comfy on rough roads as well, with none of the taxi quake the old truck had. Component of that originates from the better suspension as well as the stiffer taxicab, yet a lot of the debt is actually due to just how that cab is mounted. Ford currently makes use of hydraulic rear taxi mounts, which serve as small shock absorbers to damp out pressures the suspension just could not fix for. And on a harsh dust road, the whole truck really feels tighter.

2019 Ford Super Duty Platinum Dually Price

We had a possibility to example a $73,685 Staff Taxi F-350 Dually 4×4 Lariat with the diesel and 4.10:1 equipments linkeded to a 10,000-pound gooseneck horse trailer. The Super Duty moved the lots easily, actually accelerating up qualities reluctant of wide-open throttle. Extra importantly, the truck made the load feel much lighter compared to it was, and that provided us quite a bit of confidence– as did the fact that this truck, as configured, can tow three times the weight we had actually hitched to it. But just in case that trailer did leave form on a twisty road, Ford designers informed us they have re-tuned the trailer guide control system on the brand-new vehicles to intervene faster however less boldy.