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2022 Ford F 350: Super Duty Preview, Specs, Price and Release Date

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2022 Ford F 350: Super Duty Preview, Specs, Price and Release Date

2022 Ford F 350 In the world of heavy-duty trucks, enthusiasts want to know more about the new Ford Super Duty 2021. Whether you are looking for information on the Ford F-250 2021 or Ford F-350 2021, we have the detailed information you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming Super Duty Series and evaluate engine options, configuration, interior design, performance, and crane capacity, among other key specifications.

The Tremor Pack adds a few off-road enhancements. Owners get 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, 18-inch matte black wheels, two-inch front end lift, shorter air dam, 10.8 inches of ground clearance, plus 33 inches of water wading capability.

For the Tremor Package, there are several suspension upgrades, a rear stabilizer bar, and 1.7-inch twin-tube damper pistons for a superior ride.

With a variety of cabins, configurations, and engine options, the Ford Super Duty specs represent a wide range of crane ratings.

This heavy-duty Ford truck can handle a payload of 7,850 pounds at the higher end of the spectrum, tow up to 24,200 pounds with a trailer hitch, and tow 37,000 pounds with a fifth-wheel combined with a gooseneck hitch.

Heavy-duty trucks are more powerful and capable than ever, and the Ford Super Duty 2021 currently holds the torque and crane crown. Its Power Stroke diesel engine produces 1,050 lb-ft of torque, and the strongest model can pull 37,000 pounds.

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Those two stats are slightly better than the Ram HD version and the heavy-duty version of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. While best-in-class accolades are good for advertising and bragging rights, the Super Duty works best to be a multipurpose truck that can be configured as a stripped workstation or a fancy crane and everything in between.

Along with the diesel engine options, there’s the standard 6.2-liter V-8 petrol producing 430 lb-ft of torque or the optional 7.3-liter gas V-8 producing 475 lb-ft. All of that capability, plus a myriad of modern technology and an apartment-sized crew cabin, makes it easy to see past the cheap passages and clumsy road habits.

With a variety of cabin and cargo bed configurations, Super Duty has a wide range of maximum towing and payload capacities. Each version offers generous ratings in both categories, but Ford fans who want the most impressive numbers will appreciate that the strongest Super Duty can carry a payload of 7850 pounds, tow up to 24,200 pounds on a conventional trailer hitch, and carry a massive 37,000 pounds on its fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch.

Super Duty has only seen a few updates for the 2021 model year. All models are now available in Antimatter Blue, Carbonized Gray, and Lithium Gray.

On the base model with dual rear axles, the XL Power Equipment package adds a trailer-crane rearview mirror with heated glass and a fold-and-telescope that can be adjusted manually. All Super Duty models can now be equipped with a step bed as well.

2022 Ford F 350 Interior

2022 ford f 350, ford f250, ford f-150 specs, ford f-650, ford truckclassic, ford f-max, ford f150 1977,

Our Super Duty F-Series review shows that not many changes have come with the 2021 model compared to the 2020 model year. Super Duty 2020 saw some significant exterior changes and the introduction of the 7.3L Godzilla V8 and the famous off-road Tremor Pack.

In 2021, you will be able to choose from several new options and stepping beds, i.e. fixtures not available in the previous year. There are also several new color options to choose from as well.

The new Super Duty models include an eight-inch touchscreen, infotainment system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, plus a Wi-Fi hotspot. However, there are plenty of technologies to upgrade, including ten Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers and a SiriusXM Radio.

With the purchase of a new Super Duty, you can choose a Regular, SuperCab, or SuperCrew cabin configuration. Each truck cabin changes the length of the Ford Super Duty and the total seating capacity. There are two interior color choices – Stone Gray or Java with Unique King Ranch Leather.

2022 Ford F 350 Exterior

Not many updates are expected with the exterior of the Ford Super Duty 2021. We may see some new color choices, but there are already 11 different colors. Some new paint colors can replace some of the old options.

Currently, you can get a new Ford Super Duty in Oxford White, Magnetic, Blue Jeans, Race Red, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, Star White, Stone Gray, Velocity Blue, Agate Black, or Silver Spruce. Owners can still choose from 17-, 18-, 19.5-, or 20-inch wheels.

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The new 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty, now on sale in Colorado Springs, is unlike the Super Duty that came before it. We thought it would be helpful to give an in-depth review of Super Duty 2020.

The new Super Duty comes with a lot of abilities, strengths, and styles that are worth talking about. Let’s take an in-depth look at the 2020 Ford Super Duty payload, specifications, crane capacity, engine options, and configurations. We will also look at the differences between 2020 vs 2019 Ford Super Duty models and the F-250 vs F-350 vs F-450 models.

2022 Ford F 350 Engine

Both the 2021 F-250 and 2021 Ford F-350 are equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine of 385 horsepower. The motor is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, but there is also a ten-speed automatic.

Together with the horsepower of the F-250 Super Duty, you can choose rear or four-wheel drive. Customers can choose from other engine options, such as the Ford Super Duty Diesel 2021, which adds a 6.7 liter V8 Power Stroke that produces 475 horsepower. Alternatively, choose a 430 horsepower 7.3 liter V8 gas engine instead.

2022 Ford F 350 Price and Release Date

2022 ford f 350, ford f250, ford f-150 specs, ford f-650, ford truckclassic, ford f-max, ford f150 1977,

Production is expected to start at the Kentucky Truck Plant and Ohio Assembly Plant in late October to early November 2020. It won’t be long after that before you see the new 2021 Super Duty truck appearing at Phil Long Ford on Motor City Drive in Colorado Springs.

While waiting for the release of the latest Super Duty, you can still custom order the 2020 Super Duty F-Series.

The 2020 Ford Super Duty has a starting price tag of $ 33,705 for the 2020 F-250, $ 35,220 for the 2020 F-350, and $ 49,880 for the 2020 F-450 on the base LX trim. For the fully loaded Super Duty, Limited trim, you’ll see prices starting at $ 83,600 for the 2020 F-250, $ 84,775 for the 2020 F-350, and $ 90,530 for the 2020 F-450.

You have a wide variety of options with the new Ford Super Duty. Here are the upcoming trim levels you can choose from along with their initial price forecast.

  • XL: $ 34,535 (approx.)
  • XLT: $ 39,315 (estimated)
  • Lariat: $ 47,430 (estimated)
  • King Ranch: $ 59,835 (estimate)
  • Platinum: $ 66,725 (estimated)
  • Limited: $ 84,430 (estimate)